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7:01pm 01-13-2020
brandon simina
i found your website url from sordie's "eo history" website and i wanted to thank you so much for your part in the creation of endless online. i will never forget that game for as long as i live. i had so much fun and built so many memories and even met people through the game. i hope one day to see the game played again the same it was back in 2007 when i started.
12:31am 08-12-2014
An old player
Hey, Im having a nostalgia trip, and i was reminiscing on the days of EO.... i want to thank you and the development team for seriously making such great game, and its a shame what happened to it, i doubt you'll read this, but if you do, pass that message on to the rest of the team if you can.
12:18pm 04-28-2011
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4:19am 01-04-2011
I would like to buy Endless-Online.
Contact me via Email.
12:35pm 11-13-2010
You make all this stuff D: But the reason your even known is because of Endless Online. You helped me back in v18 (or v19, cant remember), and then i never saw you again. EO has since gone to crap. Was your admin-ness revolked, or did you just up and decide to abandon your friends?
3:35am 08-09-2010
Gaaah~ *nosebleed.*

I doubt your ever going to end up reading this. *Sadface.*

But i really realllllly reaalllly (x9000000.) think you should continue on with your story.

Doood! You can't just leave me hangin' like that!

I don't care if you don't play endless-online anymore!


finish it anyways!

Anyways, I love, love, love your drawings.

You ma'am,

Inspire me to become a amazing artist like your self. :3

Thanks for takeing your time in reading my message.
(even if your not the one whom its directed too >:3 )



Have a nice dayy.

-MasonChambers >;D
5:22am 04-16-2010
He's So Right!! COME BACK! WE NEED YOU. D: it's no fun with you guys not there. D: Just Come Back Please. Thanks.
5:20am 04-16-2010
James Taylor.
Where Have The Admins Gone? D= So Depressing. EO Hasn't Seen Them in a While Now.. And It's Sad. If They Showed Up More. So Many People Wouldn't Be Deserting.. I am a BIG Fan Of EO. It's Been Part Of My Life For Quite Awhile Now. i'm 16. i think i started around v.19? or something. but it was awhile ago. and i miss seeing admins. and the people going mad to meet them. haha. =D we could really use you guys back here. also. i can pixel items if you guys would like me to. though you don't really need it. haha. you guys did great. and i know you aren't vult. but you're awesome. and i hope vult checks back here and see's this message. WE MISS YOU GUYS!!! )= E-Mail Me And Tell me Whats Happening With EO Yah? E-Mail : Thanks. Please Contact Me. and just tell me what is happening with EO's Future. I Would Do a Lot For EO. Even donate money. lmao. So. Email Me. Thanks. - James (EO Fan Since. Years Back)
7:10am 09-16-2009
Hey! It's Peach here
so like I was on your website. And looking through your art. AND I'VE NEVER SEEN MOST OF THESE PAINTINGS BEFORE!!

your paintings are seriously deep. Like they really art
6:30pm 09-11-2009
We all miss you on EO =[
6:19pm 08-19-2009
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